Base3z® encoding is provided by bitLab, LLC for use by its customers and the general public only by the terms of specific license agreements. Base3z encoding is protected by U.S. patent 7,982,637 B2. Additional patent applications are pending.

Limited Use License

The Base3z Limited Use License is designed to allow non-commercial uses of Base3z encoding without payment of royalties or fees to bitLab or any other party. Its a "free lunch" for polite guests who don't hit on the other guests.

You may evaluate Base3z technology for potential commercial application under the terms of this license prior to executing a commercial use license agreement with bitLab, LLC.

Standard Commercial Use Licenses

Any use of Base3z technology not explicitly allowed by the Limited Use License requires the execution of a commercial use license with bitLab, LLC. Standard Use licenses provide for limited application extensions of a common "standard" Base3z specification. This broad conformance to a common specification is intended to promote third party codec an tool development.

Standard Use license pricing for end-use devices and programs is a one-time royalty fee of $0.10 USD per device or program instance for quantities of 1000. Progressive volume based discounts are available. Server distributed scripted use fees are volume adjusted over time.

Private Commercial Use Licenses

A Private Use license assigns a licensee the exclusive use of a non-standard Base3z encoding model specific to an application or protocol. This license can be designed to extend the Base3z patent umbrella to afford a strong form of legal protection to data encoded using a private model.

Private Use license fees are determined by the specific terms of each license.

License Inquiries

Please direct questions about the Base3z license program to All inquiries are handled in strict confidence.


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